Standing Wind Release Pose (Tadasana Pavanmuktasana)

Standing Wind Release Pose Tadasana Pavanmuktasana Standing Wind Release Pose is a preparatory pose to warm up the body for more intense Yoga poses. It promotes overall flexibility and balance. Regular practice of this pose strengthens the hips, hamstrings, and knees.

Palm Tree Pose Side Bend (Parsva Bhanga)

Palm Tree Pose Side Bend Parsva Bhanga Palm tree pose side bend is a variant of the Mountain Pose with a lateral stretch. Aside from providing a deep stretch for the sides of the body, this pose also restores spinal alignment – which improves posture.

Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose (Baddha Hasta Utthita Stiti Salabhasana)

Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose Baddha Hasta Utthita Stiti Salabhasana Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose is a standing backbend that is great for stretching the spine and back muscles. It can also serve as a warm up to more intense backbend poses. Hands Bound Rising Locust Pose is not only good for flexibility, it also […]

Shoulder Stretch Hands Behind Back Interlaced Fingers Pose

Shoulder Stretch Hands Behind Back Interlaced Fingers Pose Shoulder Stretch Hands Behind Back Interlaced Fingers Pose is excellent for shoulder and chest relief. By just simply interlacing the fingers behind your back, you’ll feel a great stretch in your pecs and deltoids. This pose can be therapeutic for people working by the desk for hours.

Overhead Shoulder Stretch Pose

Overhead Shoulder Stretch Pose Overhead Shoulder Stretch Pose is a great exercise for your deltoid and tricep muscles. This pose is a common warm-up before practicing push-ups, bench press, and other “push” exercises. You can improve your arm flexibility with this pose by reaching deep down between your shoulder blades and along your spine.

Archer Pose

Archer Pose Archer Pose is a seated Yoga pose that increases flexibility and mobility of your legs and hips. Just like in Archery, this pose requires both strength and flexibility to accurately target muscles.

Frogs Pose

Frogs Pose The Frog Pose may look simple, but it is an intense pose that decompresses the spine and deeply stretches the hips and groin muscles. Frog pose is a great move to improve posture as it stretches the lower back muscles and spine. If you have stiffness in the hip and groin area, this […]

Shoulder Twist Pose

Shoulder Twist Shoulder Twist Pose is a simple stretch that twists open your shoulders. By flexingyour deltoids and rotator cuff, you will enhance your flexibility – which allows your body for deeper backbends.

Sufi Grind Pose

Sufi Grind Pose Sufi Grinding Pose is a seated torso movement that warms-up the spine and hips while stimulating the core muscles. This pose is also a preparatory practice for seated twisting and bending Yoga poses. With regular practice, Sufi Grind is said to be effective in awakening the right energy for meditation.

Seated Cat Cow Pose (Upavistha Bitilasana Marjaryasana)

Seated Cat Cow Pose Upavistha Bitilasana Marjaryasana Seated Cat Cow is a beginner level Yoga pose that stretches the spine and reduces back, neck and shoulder stiffness or pain. It is considered as a restorative pose since it soothes the entire back after a more intense Yoga practice.