Root Bond Pose

Root Bond Pos Root Bond Pose is a great Yoga posture where your anus to your navel is contracted and lifted up towards the spine. This pose gives strength and energy to your spine from its stable sitting position. Root Bond is also very helpful for retaining the breath from your torso through the bottom […]

Yoga of Sound Breath Pose

Yoga of Sound Breath Pose Yoga of Sound Breath is a type of Yogic breathing practice that controls respiration, its vibrations to balance the life-force energy flow in our entire body. This technique increases Oxygen in the blood and through the body. Yoga of Sound Breath is beneficial for our mental health by balancing our […]

Skull Shining Breath

Skull Shining Breath Skull Shining Breath is often practiced in the morning since it has warming and energizing properties. This improves brain function and digestion; oxygenates the blood; helps promote weight loss; tones the abdominal muscles; clears the lungs and nasal passages; relieves intestinal problems; boosts focus, memory, and concentration, and stabilizes the emotions.

Single Nostril Breath

Single Nostril Breath Single Nostril Breath is traditionally considered to increase body heat and stimulate the brain. This greatly provides benefits to your chest.

Lion Pose

Lion Pose Lion Pose may look silly, but it is actually great to release some steam and refresh your face. The greatest benefit of the Lion Pose is the stimulation of the Platysma; a flat, thin, rectangular-shaped muscle on the front of the throat. When contracted, the Platysma pulls down on the corners of the […]

Deer Seal (Mrigi Mudra)

Deer Seal Mrigi Mudra The Deer Seal Pose (Mrigi Mudra) is a symbolic or ritual gesture from a series of unique yogic breathing techniques. Practicing the Deer Seal before starting your yoga routine will help you gain better mental clarity and focus. This pose can also be used as one of the hand postures for […]

Channel Cleaning Breath

Channel Cleaning Breath This technique is also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing. Channel Cleaning Breath promotes overall health by cleansing and purifying the body by clearing our blocked energy channels. Thus it regulates heart rate and reduces mental stress.

Breath Retention

Breath Retention Breath Retention is a form without inhaling and exhaling. It is believed to strengthen the diaphragm by means of holding your breath deeply. Other notable benefits of Breathe Retention are relief from complications such as constipation, acidity and gastric problems, Asthma, and problems with reproductive organs.