Wide-Legged Forward Bend (Prasarita Padottanasana)

Wide-Legged Forward Bend Prasarita Padottanasana Wide-Legged Forward Bend is an intense forward hip bend that stretches the hamstrings without straining the back. Consistent practice of this pose will save you from back pain while improving your flexibility.

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend (Upavistha Konasana)

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend Upavistha Konasana Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend is a great warm-up for most of the seated forward bends, twists, as well as standing wide-leg Yoga postures. This pose enhances flexibility by Stretching the back, hips, hamstrings and inner thighs.

Warrior III Pose (Virabhadrasana III)

Warrior III Pose Virabhadrasana III Warrior III Pose is a dynamic balancing Yoga posture that improves balance throughout the entire body by working all the muscles throughout the arms, abdominal area, and legs. Warrior III improves posture, and full-body coordination by the way it toughens the entire back muscles, including the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and […]

Standing Split Pose (Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana)

Standing Split Pose Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana Standing Split Pose is a  preparation for a full split pose practiced on the floor.  This helps you acquire an improved circulation, strengthened immune system, and countered stress. This gives relief from fatigue, headache, insomnia, anxiety, and mild depression.

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana

Standing Forward Bend Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend Pose provides practitioners with a strong stretch for the back of the body. The inverted nature of its posture provides increase of the blood supply to your brain and head. This can also aid in building strength in the muscles of your legs.

Staff Pose (Dandasana)

Staff Pose Dandasana Staff Pose is a foundational posture for all seated poses which includes twists which aids your body in preparing for deeper poses while boosting your ability in focusing on exact alignment of your body. This improves alignment and posture, as well as calms and steady your mind. This is also considered to […]

Side-Reclining Leg Lift (Anantasana)

Side-Reclining Leg Lift Anantasana Side-Reclining Leg Lift Pose works best for stretching the sides of your torso and the back of your legs, as well as toning your belly. This yoga pose can also provide benefits for your muscles such as your hamstrings, core, quadriceps, hips, and pelvic.

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

Seated Forward Bend Paschimottanasana Seated Forward Bend provides you an intense stretch for the whole back of your body, starting from the heels up to the crown of your head. This yoga pose also helps in stimulating digestion and relieving menstrual cramps, as well as of menopause. This is considered as a therapeutic for conditions […]

Revolved Side Angle Pose (Parivrtta Parsvakonasana)

Revolved Side Angle Pose Parivrtta Parsvakonasana Revolved Side Angle Pose is a challenging twisted-standing posture but has many amazing benefits as it stretches and strengthens your knees, ankles, and legs.  This pose improves balance and digestion, increases stamina, stretches spine, chest, groins, lungs, and shoulders, and stimulates your abdominal organs. This pose also requires flexibility […]

Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose (Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana)

Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose is an advanced variation of the basic head-to-knee pose with an addition of a spinal twist and a variation of the leg position. This is helpful in stimulating the abdominal organs like the kidney and liver. This pose is good for stretching the shoulders, spine, and […]